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The Perfect Probiotics Toothpaste Won the 2019 Meiyi Grand Award Top for the Best Products in Oral Care Category
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The Perfect Probiotics Toothpaste Won the 2019 Meiyi Grand Award Top for the Best Products in Oral Care Category

The Perfect Probiotics Toothpaste Won the 2019 Meiyi Grand Award Top for the Best Products in Oral Care Category

Come back with more glory

On the evening of May 20, 2019, as the most important part of CBE - "2019 China Meiyi fashion award ceremony", the most valuable award in China's cosmetics industry, the industry's eagerly awaited "Meiyi Award" was solemnly announced.

At the grand ceremony of "Meiyi Award", the brand new product "probiotics series toothpaste" won the best product award of 2019 Meiyi grand prize in oral care category, which once again confirmed the brand strength of the Perfect, and also reflected the continuous innovation of the brand.

About Meiyi Award -- the most valuable cosmetics industry award in China

The Meiyi award, hosted by China Beauty Expo (CNE), is the industry award with the most gold content and word-of-mouth effect in the field of cosmetics. In 2019, Meiyi grand Award comprehensively upgraded butterfly transformation. It is not only co sponsored by multiple media, but also launched the CBE Fashion Star program for the first time. Based on the new Internet marketing thinking, it converges and splits more resources to promote, opening a new era of multi-dimensional online and offline communication. As an important award in the cosmetics industry, "Meiyi Award" can be said to be the award that whole industry is looking forward to. In the "2019 China Meiyi award ceremony", the Perfect stands out among many brands and won the China Meiyi Grand Award Top for the Best Products in Oral Care Category.

Probiotic toothpastes: focus on the new consumption era, help the Chinese oral care concept upgrade and transformation

Probiotic toothpaste is a key product category of the Perfect in 2019, which is different from the toothpaste that only focuses on whitening, refreshing, mothproofing, multi-functional and other product effects on the market. Peugeot probiotic toothpaste focuses on improving the oral health status of Chinese people through product classification, repairs various oral problems from the root, and brings fresh and healthy oral status to Chinese people.

Graded nursing, innovation of domestic products of beca clean

"Grading oral care is more healthy" is the latest oral health care concept of the perfect, which aims to help every consumer get a suitable oral health program under different problems, symptoms and stages. In view of people's pain points in the oral cavity at present, the Perfect devoted itself to research and development and launched a series of probiotic toothpastes.

Different products correspond to different oral states. Consumers can choose the toothpaste products suitable for them according to their oral conditions.

Compared with the traditional oral fresh solution, the new oral fresh solution, probiotic toothpaste, is delivered to the consumers. The new probiotic toothpaste of Peugeot the Perfect uses LS salivarius, which is safe and natural (* probiotics are mainly manufactured by their natural genes), without side effects, and contains rich soothing factors, which can effectively alleviate oral problems, help reduce dental plaque, maintain oral health, and enable every consumer to smile again and deal with various occasions confidently.

Probiotics are the key to oral health. There are a large number of microorganisms in human mouth, which are composed of beneficial bacteria, neutral bacteria and harmful bacteria. When the three keep balance, the mouth is in a healthy state. However, due to the influence of dietary habits, insufficient cleaning and physiological factors, the ecological imbalance of oral bacteria will gradually lead to the accelerated growth and expansion of harmful bacteria, resulting in various oral problems.

It's precisely because of the insight into this pain point of oral cavity that the Perfect hopes to help people alleviate / solve the problem of oral cavity from the root. At the same time, through in-depth market research, we analyzed people's common oral problems, scientific classification: first level cleaning, second level improvement, third level consolidation, so that every consumer can easily select the toothpaste products suitable for themselves from this series.

①first level cleaning: the probiotic Yikou fresh toothpaste can adjust the acid-base balance of the mouth, prevent the acid corrosion of the teeth, improve the peculiar smell of the mouth, keep the breath fresh for a long time, and open the "clean" era of the mouth.

② second level improvement: the natural whitening toothpaste with probiotics can reduce the attachment of tooth stains, plaque and tartar by adding the beneficial ingredients of probiotics and pearl particles, which can deeply clean and restore the bright white color. It enables every user to have a bright white teeth and a charming smile in work and social interaction.

③ three level consolidation: Probiotics strong tooth care toothpaste, add liquid calcium + fluorine while adding beneficial ingredients of probiotics, supplement calcium absorption of teeth, protect enamel, strengthen teeth and improve resistance. It helps every user to open up new energy for tooth strength.

In addition, this new product contains probiotic toothpaste which can be used for specific oral population.

④Probiotics gingival toothpaste, especially high-purity vitamin C essence, is used to help pregnant and pregnant mothers care for the health of their gums and periodontal tissues during pregnancy. The oral cavity is good, and there is no worry during pregnancy.

⑤Probiotics smile orange toothpaste is specially designed for female users. It is rich in high-purity vitamin C essence. The scientific formula gives women a gentle and caring natural orange flavor, which is full of sunshine. It keeps the fresh breath and helps you distribute youthful vitality every day.

⑥ probiotic jinghumengya toothpaste, with strawberry flavor, is specially designed for 2-6-year-old babies. It can improve the oral environment of babies by adding beneficial ingredients of probiotics and food grade material xylitol. It is not used by oral bacteria and it does not produce acid substances to cause erosion of baby teeth. The ingredients and formulas selected in the toothpaste have passed a number of tests and certification, and safe care and irrigation of baby's tooth growth are more reassuring.

⑦ probiotic mild mothproof children's toothpaste, with apple flavor, is suitable for children aged 6-12 years old. In addition to the beneficial ingredients of probiotics, sodium fluoride and xylitol are also added. Sodium fluoride adopts the national standard low fluorine formula, which helps to strengthen enamel and prevent tooth decay. Take good care of your baby's oral health, and keep your baby away from cavities.

As the first local oral brand to develop probiotic toothpaste based on the concept of graded care, the Perfect hopes to bring scientific, symptomatic and professional oral care products and oral care programs to everyone and every family.

In the new consumption era, we are committed to design a more flexible and affinity oral health management scheme for Chinese people through our design, professional and quality intentions, aiming at the oral problems in different stages of different needs of Chinese people, combined with advanced oral care concepts. It makes life more healthy, more beneficial, so that every consumer can easily achieve "more beneficial, more intimate and fresh" in life and social interaction!

This award is not only the recognition but also the encouragement for bjg.

Our original intention is not to change, and we keep on making progress. In the next road, the Perfect will continue to explore the field of oral personal care with our colleagues, focus on product innovation and upgrading, and strive to bring more scientific oral care solutions to consumers, so as to create a better and healthy lifestyle for consumers.

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