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Dental floss,floss pick and other oral care accessories
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Value Type

Value Type

  • Single component with good tip control and, high quality rounding filament

  • Single or family packing

#019 PERFCT Value PP Toothbrush #019 PERFCT Value PP Toothbrush
PP handle material, 185mm handle length, 7.7g handle weight. The best value pp toothbrush.
#303 Adult Bulk Plastic Plain Toothbrush #303 Adult Bulk Plastic Plain Toothbrush
Quality toothbrushes from Jiangsu, China. Brand Name: Perfct. Model Number:303 Feature: Normal; Use: HOME.
#702 Pocketsized Toothbrush #702 Pocketsized Toothbrush
Cheap PP TPR toothbrushes from China. Suitable for home use and adult age group. Bristle Type: Medium; Color: Customized; Certification: SGS, ISO, BRC, FDA, GMPC.
Why Choose Perfct
  • 22
    22 Years History
    Mr.Zhangwensheng set up the company in 1997 and entered into oral care business.
  • 30
    More Than 30 Countries and Regions
    Sales footprint is all over the world,Serving consumers more than 30 countries and regions.
  • 220
    220 Patents
    We have 220 patents and accumulated many core formulations and expertise.
  • 800
    R&D Laboratory More Than 800 Square Meters
    A CNAS-certified R&D and testing laboratory has been established, which has the ability to produce global mutual recognition test reports.
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