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D366 Children's Electric Toothbrush
D366 Children's Electric Toothbrush D366 Children's Electric Toothbrush

D366 Children's Electric Toothbrush


  • For 3 +years old|Whole brush bristles|ABS Environmental Protection Material

  • Cute KOKOSNUSS, let children love brushing their teeth

  • Protect children's teeth: soft, deep cleaning, gentle care

  • Cleaning mode designed for babies, 8000 shocks per minute

  • Help children brush their teeth scientifically  

  1. 30s in area to remind

  2. 120s automatic power off

  • IPX 7 waterproof

Product Display of D366 Children's Electric Toothbrush
D366 Children's Electric Toothbrush

Children's Electric Toothbrush

According to an authoritative survey, 66% of children in China suffer from tooth decay, and some of them also suffer from gingivitis to varying degrees, and the causes of these problems are very simple: 

For exmple, not brushing for a long time; not brushing in time after eating candy; not cleaning completely when brushing, and children find brushing boring and perfunctory every time, etc. Therefore, as a qualified and responsible parent, it is necessary to choose a gun, cute, safe and good quality children’s electric toothbrush. Such a children’s electric toothbrush can attract the attention of them, increase the interest of brushing teeth and develop the habit and method of daily brushing. Then it is possible to make their teeth cleaner and healthier. 

What is the recommended age to use a children’s electric toothbrush

Children who are too young should not use electric toothbrushes first (at least not for a long time), so what age is recommended before using a children's electric toothbrush? According to the analysis of the authoritative website in the United States, it is recommended not to let children use electric toothbrushes until they are six years old. In other words, it is generally recommended to use children's electric toothbrushes after the age of 6.

Although it is recommended that children use electric toothbrushes after the age of 6, it does not mean that they must not use them before 6 years old, but they should be used under certain conditions, making full use of the novelty of electric toothbrushes to children to help them develop the habit of brushing their teeth actively, and at the same time, parents should be on hand to guide and supervise the use of them, so that they can brush their teeth safely, scientifically and develop good habits.

How to choose a children’s electric toothbrush 

For children's electric toothbrush, it is recommended to choose the vibration type, not recommended to choose the rotary type, mainly because, the rotary type on the tooth surface wear and tear, and the sound is also larger, some children are also afraid. 

Then focus on the following aspects to reference the choice of children's electric toothbrush.

1.Safety: for products or food involving the use of children, the national safety requirements are actually very strict, theoretically listed and sold toothbrushes are to pass the national safety standards testing, such as whether the material is safe (toxic and hazardous substances test reports, etc.), durability safety (such as whether the toothbrush neck is easy to break? etc., these points involving safety, you can pay more attention to when buying.

2.Brand: try to choose a well-known brand, children's electric toothbrushes or recommended to try to choose imported well-known brands, the protagonist because of the higher safety requirements of children's products, in all aspects of the manufacturer to put forward higher requirements, the use of more at ease.

3.Vibration frequency: to consider the different physique of each baby, the sensitivity of the baby's gums are different, some baby gums are sensitive type, brush teeth easily bleeding, the toothbrush amplitude needs to be gentle; some baby saliva contains high calcium, easy to form tartar, the amplitude needs to be larger; now the electric toothbrush have amplitude adjustment, ordinary are three adjustment (whitening, sensitive Therefore, it is recommended to choose an adjustable one and adjust it according to the child's condition.

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